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SEAFLO Electric Marine Toilet

2018/11/30 16:38:26 Click Number:3205

After the portable toilet, Seaflo developed a new product of electric marine toilet. The design of Seaflo electric marine toilet are derived by the needs and requirements of our clients, boaters and sailors. All Seaflo electric marine toilet for marine have low water consumption, are easy to operate, maintain, clean and provide years of service, even in the most extreme environments. Besides, Seaflo electric toilet also have low power consumption and low noise levels.

Seaflo electric toilet have a easy-to-clean china bowl and convenient push-button flush,With the push of a button, the self-priming flush pump rinses the bowl as the macerator and high-capacity scavenger pump grind up waste and pump it out. Furthermore, a back flow preventer is built in the toilet, which is the most effective way to prevent waste water from coming back to head compartment from sanitation hoses and holding tank. And Seaflo electric toilet are available with choice of fresh water or raw water flushing. Fresh water flushing prevents the odors generated by raw water organic materials such as seaweed getting trapped in bowl rim. More importantly, we pick corrosion resistant material to make electric toilet for marine use. More details please see the following link.

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