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Alarm Control System Alarm Control System Alarm Control System Alarm Control System
  • Alarm Control System
  • Alarm Control System
  • Alarm Control System
  • Alarm Control System

Alarm Control System

SEAFLO electronic water level alarm control system is the latest intelligent alarm system developed.
The alarm panel switch is a safety reminder control device that integrates visual, auditory and switch control; it can be used with electronic water level switches, sewage ball switches or other applications (not limited to the use of cabin water level safety reminders, and can be used for other safety.When used in conjunction with the water level electronic switch, when the water level at the bottom of the cabin is higher than the safety line, the water level switch provides power to the alarm, making it emit a red signal light to remind it, and at the same time it emits an alarm sound of ≥85DB to remind it. When the water level falls back to the safe water level, the alarm will stop emitting light and give an alarm.

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- Detects water and sends a signal (3 seconds delay) to the alarm and switch conveniently mounted on a panel.

- Electric field bilge Switch is rated to handle all SEAFLO Pump Bilge pumps up to 20 amps at 12V and 10 amps at 24V.

- Switch  activates the Bilge Pump at a 41.0mm(1.6")fluid level and deactivates at a 9.5mm(0.37") fluid level.

- 3 second delay prevents false starts.

- Totally sealed fluid detector is never in contact with water, will not corrode and is not affected by oil or debris.

- Environmentally sensitive, no mercury,No moving parts.

- Unique 3-way switch disables piezo alarm while keeping warning LED lit.

- 2-year global warranty





Model Number Voltage Current Alarm volume N.W. Wire Gauge Size /length
SFWAS1-20-03 12V DC 20 Amps.Max ≥85DB 0.2KG 16AWG/1000mm (Switch)
16AWG/100mm (Alarm)
SFWAS2-10-03 24V DC 10 Amps.Max ≥85DB 0.2KG

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