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Quality first, always excellent

Our production team combines the latest technology with best in class lab testing. Lasted testing, data logging and lean manufacturing.
After more than 16 years in the business, we know that producing quality products is the surest way to happier customers and a leading reputation. Quality is central to everything we do at SEAFLO®. We wouldn't change that for anything. And it shows. Innovative designs. High-performance materials, superior construction and durability all add up to quality products. We endeavor to exceed customer expectations by implementing best practices, relevant ISO standard to drive continuous improvement in all areas of our business.

At SEAFLO®, our ongoing goal isn't just performance, its outperformance.
Our testing laboratory runs a program of extended life testing, data logging and trend analysis on all existing and new products.
This ensures consistently robust products designed to withstand the harsh environment.
And we achieve this goal by new technologies. Featuring the latest innovations and integrating enhancements such as low amp draw, premium high flow, installation ease and maintenance-free designs.


Confidence and peace-of-mind. It’s what you get with every SEAFLO® product.

Reassurance-100% of products are tested as part of the build process.

All finished goods stock is batch tested.


From customers to employees, management to suppliers, our relationships are our most valuable asset–– and we work hard to make them last. Respect, partnership, teamwork and listening to what our customers really want, are all part of the way we do business. We relish the opportunity to support our customers. We aim to provide best in class service from our base in China and through our worldwide distribution network. We’re pleased to welcome you to SEAFLO® and a better line of Marine, RV, Agriculture, Industry and Water Sports’ products.

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